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2013 Webinar Series

View our full 4 part Metals Stabilization webinar series. Part 1: Treatability Studies (reagents, leach test) Part 2: Design (goals, investigation, remedy testing) Part 3: Implementation (mixing, injection, PRBs) Part 4: Performance Monitoring (testing, evaluation, optimization)

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August 2013 Remediation Trends

Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) The USEPA is making a significant change in how leaching tests are used in decisions regarding waste disposal, beneficial reuse of materials in construction applications, and in assessing treatment effectiveness as presented in a 2010 … Continue reading

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July 2013 Remediation Trends

Column Study Services for Heavy Metals Remediation Batch versus Column Testing Treatability studies for stabilization of metals have traditionally focused on batch testing where soil/waste is combined with a leaching solution and allowed to react for a specified period of … Continue reading

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