Specializing in remedial design and technology applications, our goal is to close sites and eliminate environmental liabilities. Flexible contracting arrangements align us with your closure requirements and motivate all parties to meet a site’s remediation goals.

Proper site characterization is essential for designing a treatment remedy. Our approach evaluates existing site data to confidently design and implement a remedy. If necessary, we will identify information gaps that need to be filled in order to develop a remedy and work with you to fill those gaps.

We then design a remedy based on site conditions and the intended end use of the site. This approach ensures successful remedy selection and application to achieve an owner’s remediation goals.

Our experience with creative technology applications has achieved regulatory flexibility with treatment standards and implementation. Treated materials can often be left on-site and beneficially reused in future site development. This approach results in significant cost savings by reducing the level of effort involved with typical excavation and disposal or pump-and-treat remediation approaches.

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