Lead-Based Paint

Resoltion Partners lead-based paint remediation

The Enviro-Prep System® offers a series of products designed for lead-based paint remediation. A brief description of the Enviro-Prep products follows:

  • Enviro-Prep® Chemical Stripper – Apply to surface, allow to work, remove, test and dispose
  • Enviro-Prep® Premium – Apply, let dry, remove, test and dispose.
  • Enviro-Prep® 1Step – Apply and remove in 1 step, test and dispose.

Example sites include:  Utilities  /  Water Towers  /  Bridges  /  Demolition

Lead-Based Sediment

Enviro-Prep® Special is designed to stabilize lead-based manhole sediment. The product is added to manhole sediments to allow the sediment to be disposed as solid rather than characteristically hazardous waste.

Example sites include:  Utilities  /  Transportation Facilities  /  Municipalities

For additional product details, contact Angela Hassell.